spa history tarihiFor centuries human beings has tried to find various ways to build healthy body and soul. Cures have been sought benefiting from nature and the healing waters to diseases , and most importantly to protect the body health, physical treatment and therapy methods have been developed.
There are methods of therapy which dates back to 340 BC. Greek-known physicist, philosopher, biologist Aristotle as a result of his work, recommends eating mostly plants, rubbing the body with pure warm waters. During this period, large sanatoriums were served to those who seek health.
2670 BC's Chinese physicians and scholars, studied the functioning of the human body and its systems and developed the pressure to specific points on the body's acupuncture and reflexology providing treatment and recovery. In the Far East and India therapy and treatment methods are developed still in their areas. Ayurvedic and Thai massage are some of them.

People in Middle Asia and Middle East, have applied therapy methods, to gain their health back and bodies in good condition and healthy based on plant seeds and oils. Those periods doctors kept public health this way. Europe has recorded meanwhile serious developments. 1400 's Leonardo di Davinci has investigated on mechanics, geometrics, art especially on dead bodies. He has pionerred for illness diagnosis at that time. In Europe, with respect to developments in health industry, alternative cure methods were also used.

During 1200's, Altai Turks have quite developed in the Lokman Medicine. From the establishment of the Ottoman Empire up to the present, Lokman Natural Medicine have improved methods of treatment and therapy. They have benefited from the healing waters, Turkish bath, especially in this period, has continued to provide health and wellness care.

1500's, the American Indians known as the Native Americans, a person's soul and body have to be in equilibrium with each other and in case of either of them is sick or tired, that person can not be considered as literally healthy. Therefore, regular Mental Purification Ceremonies have been done collectively in rituals.

To God, because of what God has offered, they have submitted their gratitude. One of these ceremonies are as follows. Inside the tent lined with hot stones and on top fresh herbs and bay leaves were put on the stoves, and they are gathered around. They sweat with aromatic scents coming from plants. It was a kind of rite and with the sweat discarded along at the end of the ritual, they believed that their soul is purged from evil and that their bodies were healed. Saunas used today are the modernized version of this method.

Humans have passed all therapy and cure methods learned and experiences from one generation to another. Today meaning in Latin language " Health coming from water " SPA regarding body and soul health or vitality, lectures from all times and therapy methods are used to give service.